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His lordship was not happy to pick up the morning papers, to find his 20 year old daughter Debrah, pictured leaving a London fetish club in full rubber outfit. Worse still, she was being escorted by a "gentleman" whose personal reputation was considered far less savory than his sporting one.

Confronting her about her choice of partner and lifestyle, he gave her a stark option. She could either leave the family estate, and give up any claim to her inheritance, or submit to a suitable punishment that would make her think twice about bringing the family name into dispute again, and be a little more discrete in future. If she wished to stay, she would spend the next seven days wearing nothing but rubber.

Obviously, her choice was a no brainer. Give up millions of inheritance or spend a week wearing her rubber outfits; Debrah quickly agreed to her father's terms for staying in the family home. Sadly for her, she was not aware that her parents had more than a passing interest in "dressing for pleasure" and the BDSM scene, having been participants for many years themselves although a lot more discretely than their daughter appeared to be.

After being accompanied by a maid to oversee her showering and preparation, Debrah was escorted to one of the servants quarter rooms, and provided with the clothing that she would wear for the next week. It was made clear that refusal would result in her immediate removal from the home with nothing, not even the robe that was the only thing currently protected her modesty. She looked in dismay at what had been left out for her, now understanding that her choice was not a straightforward as she thought. The maid handed her latex stockings first, treated that they would slide easily up her legs. She was then instructed to stand and place her arms of the strange looking jacket which the maid held. Pushing her hands through the tight wrist bands, Debrah discovered them still enclosed in rubber. The rear of the jacket was swiftly secured with straps by the maid who then drew her arms across her body, before pulling them firmly into her chest, while the hands were secured by joining attached straps in the back. Verbal complaint was her only means of resistance as she felt two more straps being pulled between her naked thighs, framing but not touching her exposed vagina. The final act was to secure her lower arms together by means of a strap below her breasts, further preventing any attempts to struggle out of her rubber prison.

The maids final act was to apply the footwear chosen to complete Debrah's bondage. The 18cm heels forced her feet into a straight line as the maid laced each tightly on her feet, before adding a narrow strap around each ankle. Without use of her hands, Debrah quickly realised she had no way to remove the shoes, and no hope of walking, particulary on the slippery wooden floor.

Without further words, the maid picked up the discarded robe, turned on her heels and immediately left Debrah alone. The click of the lock and turning of a key from the outside reinforced the message that this was going to be a very long week in her life.

Unable to stand and with no way to pass the time, she could only sit and reflect on her choice of lifestyle and it's new complications. 
Prisoner Transfer precautions
Having a medical facility across the road from a correctional facility has some advantages, mainly because preisoners requiring routine treatment can be walked across, saving the necessity of providing multiple staff members and vehicles to move them about.

This young lady is a low risk prisoner, due an annual medical examiniation and body scan. Even given her low risk status, she is still highly restrained for the short walk to the medical facility opposite, enough that a single staff member can overcome any attempt at escape.

Her hands are shackled to her waist by means of a transport belly chain, supplemented by miniture cuffs joining both thumbs, which prevent her from attempting to reach behind her to unlock the chain. Even with the key to the cuffs, she could not unlock them without the use of her thumbs. Her ankles are joined by very heavy chains and shackles, which will cause her severe pain if she tries to walk too quickly or takes too long a stride. Fortunately, she as been provided with a drop chain from her waist which at least prevents her hobble chain from dragging along the ground.

Her lower face is covered in a leather muzzle, intended to protect her identity while transfer is taking place,and also to prevent her from placing or hiding anything unauthorised in her mouth. For this examination, there is no requirement to remove the muzzle, so the attached collar has been padlocked, before having the leash attached, giving her escort an additional source of control.

For the prisoners, the restrainted are a small price to pay for an opportunity to enjoy the feeling of being outside the locked doors, even if only for a brief time. It will be the last time this young lady will see the outside world for another year, so she intends to savour every second, despite the humiliation of being led on a leash like a dog.
A new role for our R-World visitor
This is a follow up to

Mature Content

This one's for you DonKevinMartin. Happy Birthday. by Captivekink

Mature Content

Not totally helpless. by Captivekink


Our intrepid visitor to Earth from R-World has became a familiar sight at bondage conventions around the US and Europe, as she enjoys the relative freedom to wear her home world restraints.

Naturally, someone so good looking and clearly very comfortable in bondage is going to attract the attention of other regular convention attendees, and she was soon being hired as a model by vendors to show off their products. Here she is shown, completely lost in her thoughts, as she demonstrates a new type of metal yoke. Alongside her is her roommate, who she finally persuaded to join her for a weekend. From her expression, she is totally enjoying her first public bondage experience.

Thanks to the two of them, the vendor is heading for a record weekend of takings, and a couple of new ideas for restraints, together with samples, will be heading back to R-World in a few months time when she returns home.


Restraint World:  A fictional universe where women, age 18 and older, must by law and custom have their hands and arms restrained when venturing outside their homes.

Backstory here:…

Restraint World Group here:…
R-World challenges. (stairs)
Possibly one of the hardest things for an R-World lady to learn is how to descend stairs gracefully without being able to hold onto hand rails, especially when wearing heels. Teenage girls are taught to practice by holding their hands behind them to when walking down stairs to allow them to become accustomed to not having their hands available once they turn 18.

Standard handcuffs at least allow the hands to be swung to the hip to allow one hand to grab the hand rail, but this woman is wearing a rigid style of cuff that folds her arms behind her. She has no chance of using the rail, so must rely on her training; keeping her centre of balance back, and letting her heel contact the stair riser to make sure her foot is fully on the step before moving forward.

Fortunately she has a lot of practice in the artform.
Extreme high heeled shoe shopping.
and I don't mean she was out to buy a pair of extreme high heels, quite the opposite. :-)

One for MonsterP63 and the "Karen" series.


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