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The morning after - Then there was one.  by Captivekink
Mature content
The morning after - Then there was one. :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 81 6
The morning after - a short time later by Captivekink
Mature content
The morning after - a short time later :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 87 11
 The morning after.  by Captivekink
Mature content
The morning after. :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 81 13
Nil By Mouth by Captivekink
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Nil By Mouth :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 62 16
Assume the submissive position. by Captivekink
Mature content
Assume the submissive position. :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 57 9
Don't give me that look by Captivekink
Mature content
Don't give me that look :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 100 7
Slave girls should be seen, but not heard. by Captivekink
Mature content
Slave girls should be seen, but not heard. :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 125 9
Perfectly outfit for a walk in the park. by Captivekink
Mature content
Perfectly outfit for a walk in the park. :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 40 9
Is it a dress or an armbinder - 6 by Captivekink
Mature content
Is it a dress or an armbinder - 6 :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 55 3
Is it a dress or an armbinder - 5 by Captivekink
Mature content
Is it a dress or an armbinder - 5 :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 42 5
Is it a dress or an armbinder - 4 by Captivekink
Mature content
Is it a dress or an armbinder - 4 :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 49 1
Is it a dress or an armbinder - 3 by Captivekink
Mature content
Is it a dress or an armbinder - 3 :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 70 0
Is it a dress or an armbinder? - 2 by Captivekink
Mature content
Is it a dress or an armbinder? - 2 :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 102 4
Is it a dress or an armbinder? by Captivekink
Mature content
Is it a dress or an armbinder? :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 95 7
The next train arriving: by Captivekink
Mature content
The next train arriving: :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 68 12
A decision she will come to regret. by Captivekink
Mature content
A decision she will come to regret. :iconcaptivekink:Captivekink 70 8


Ruby Rose by Ravenor11
Mature content
Ruby Rose :iconravenor11:Ravenor11 739 51
proud-captive by taszjekt
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proud-captive :icontaszjekt:taszjekt 69 22
CR_02 20-11 by Lylani
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CR_02 20-11 :iconlylani:Lylani 25 3
She is enjoying her 'free' time by PsychoSJ
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She is enjoying her 'free' time :iconpsychosj:PsychoSJ 27 4
Reverse Prayer Latex Armbinder by Plasma-dragon
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Reverse Prayer Latex Armbinder :iconplasma-dragon:Plasma-dragon 736 41
Hooded by BlackRoomPhoto
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Hooded :iconblackroomphoto:BlackRoomPhoto 37 2
Esperanza in sheer white dress, wrists handcuffed by felixdartmouth
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Esperanza in sheer white dress, wrists handcuffed :iconfelixdartmouth:felixdartmouth 8 3
Bridled by ashinperil
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Bridled :iconashinperil:ashinperil 106 8
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merry Solstice preview 2  by amandawhiley
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Scene of the Crime -- Dave Annis Art 137b by Rob66
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Scene of the Crime -- Dave Annis Art 137b :iconrob66:Rob66 158 39
How to actually contain Princess Elise by Plasma-dragon
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How to actually contain Princess Elise :iconplasma-dragon:Plasma-dragon 332 31
Posey black Edition by PsychoSJ
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Posey black Edition :iconpsychosj:PsychoSJ 39 4 Mona (12-6-17) by AndysDames
Mature content Mona (12-6-17) :iconandysdames:AndysDames 232 22


The morning after - Then there was one.
Carly's sobs turned to hysterical screams as she watched in horror as Arianne being prepared for shipping. She was made to watch, helplessly chain to the wall still as her friend arms were cut out of their bonds, only to be cruelly retied behind her back, elbows and shoulders wrenched back until her arms touched at least six inches above her elbows.

With her legs still bound in the cross legged position, she was unceremoniously bent triple, her torso sandwiched between her legs and arms. Arianna moaned loudly through her hood and gag as the crotch rope through her open thighs cut excrutiatingly into her wide open pussy lips.

Once her handlers were satisfied that her body could be squeezed no further, between them they lifted her and placed her in a wooden packing crate, so small that her head was bent forward touching one end and her fingers curled up to fit in the other. It was only just sufficiently wide enough to accomodate her widespread knees. As she her body was pressed firmly down, it was evident to Carly that the packing crate was a good inch shallower that the body it now contained. That barely concerned her handlers though, as one held the heavy wooden lid in place on top of the helpless form of Arianne, while the other began the task of screwing it down with six inch screws, tighting each in turn by an inch or so with a power screwdriver.

Slowly, the gap between the crate and the lid closed, crushing the limbs of the body inside it into the torso. For Arianne, inside her travel case, the lack of space for her chest to rise, coupled with the cloying leather hood made breathing an almost impossible task. All she could do was try to remain calm if she wanted to survive the ordeal figuring that they weren't trying to kill her. What neither girl realised was that this was the very first part of prolonged training period, aimed at gettingt the best value for their buyers.

With Arianne finally crated and ready for shipping, the attention turned to the still hysterical Carly. The well dressed Asian woman who had originally told her what was to become of her had returned, and immediately instructed the handlers in a language Carly did not understand, but the meaning soon became obvious. Her screams were finally silenced by the insertion of a large rubber ball into her mouth, attached to a mouth covering pad of leather and a web of straps. Try as she might, she could do nothing to avoid the insertion, nor prevent the straps from tightened to a headache inducing level.

The shock of being gagged was enough to calm her down suffciently for her to understand what the woman was now telling her. That the gag she was now wearing was only a temporary measure. Soon she would be fitted with a golden mask, in the same style as her belt and bra. It would have a gag of similar size as the one she now wore, so she had better get used to it. Althouh the gag would be removed for eating and oral training for her new role, the frame of the mask would remain locked in place upon her head. Only her new master, (the 14 year old prince) was to ever see her face.

He alone would have the keys to her freedom.
The morning after - a short time later
It didn't take long for the three friends to learn their fate. 

Kathy, still encased in her rubber straitjacket was immediately gagged, before being dragged from the room. Within an hour, she had been sedated, encased in a full body rubber catsuit, hooded and fitted with heelless ballet boots before being slotted into a foam lined shipping crate. By the time she wakes up, the crate will be high about the deserts of northern Africa aboard a privately owned 747. She was intended to be trained as the latest in a string of ponygirls, owned by a South African diamond mine owner. It was the last time either girl saw Kathy. 

In fact, it was the last time the second girl, Arianne, saw anything. As she watched, horrified as Kathy was dragged from the room, screaming into her gag, her world went black. The head enveloping leather hood quickly sealed off her sight. Carly expected similar, but it seemed that her treatment was to be different and she was left unhooded, able to watch on helplessly as the handlers pulled the laces on Arianne's headwear to their limits to stretch the leather tightly around her head and neck. The only openings were two small holes under her nose, the only way she could breath. Both girls then were easily manhandled from their comfortable surroundings and pushed into an empty, stark room with no furnishings, just steel rings around the walls. 

Carly could only watch on helplessly, while Arianne was stripped not only of her straitjacket but every other piece of clothing. Her handlers paused only briefly to admire her body artwork before going to work, securing her in ropes. Cruelly, they laughed as they challenged her to try and escape her bondage, knowing that the knot which could release her was right under her nose. In her blind state, her fingers fluttered in a futile attempt to find it, finding only endless rope. 

While she could watch in horror the ease with which Arianne was rendered totally helpless and securely fastened to the wall, it at least prepared Carly for what was in store for her. With the same ease, she was also stripped naked, before being fitted with tight steel cuffs on her wrists which were chained to the wall, ensuring that she would not be going anywhere. Once secured, they set about fitting her with a strange metal bra, completely coverering her breasts and locked in place by a small padlock. The steel belt they wrapped around her waist next, was about two inches smaller than her natural size, requiring a considerable amount of effort to close, but there was no question of it not eventually closing, no matter how much discomfort it caused. Ordered to spread her legs, she meekly complied as a second metal piece was connected to the belt, before being pulled tightly between her legs and locked in place, completely sealing her pussy in it's steel embrace. Sitting her cross legged, the chain to her wrist cuffs now pulling them high above her head, they locked identical cuffs to her ankles, padlocking them in such a way that she was forced to remain sitting cross legged, her chastity belt in full view. 

Satisfied that both were girls were completely secure, the handlers withdrew from the room, the last one out holding the door open respectfully for a well dressed woman of middle eastern decent to enter. It was time for both girls to learn what the future had in store for them. Kneeling beside the bound figure of Arianne so that she could hear clearly through the cloying leather, she took delight in telling her that she had been bought as a new plaything for a rich, but extremely sadistic Arab businessman. She would shortly be prepared for shipping to his home in an undisclosed country. Upon arrival and unpacking, she would be immediately prepared for her life of slavery, receiving multiple piercings and control devices in her body. Most shocking was the revelation that her new owner was extremely cautious to maintain his anonymity. All of his slaves were rendered blind by the addition of sightless contact lenses permenantly glued into their eyes, and mute through cutting of the vocal chords. Never again would she see or speak, as this was the first procedure done under anathestic, administered before the hood is removed. That way, none of his slaves could ever identify him or reveal his location

Letting the shocking information sink in, she now turned to a terrified Carly to reveal her fate. She had been bought specifically because her new owner had established through obtaining her private medical records, that she was still a virgin. Carly was to be an 18th birthday present for the son of a Sheik from one of the oil rich countries to celebrate his coming of age. The chastity belt and bra she was now wearing was only temporary until she could be properly measured once settled in her new home. Then she would  receive a new set made of pure gold which would be locked on her until the day of celebration. 

In the meantime, while waiting for her new belt, she would get multiple piercings in her labia lips and clit. Her clit would be fitted with a shield, guaranteed to prevent any orgasm, since her body was no longer for her pleasure, just his. The complex system of bars, secured by a single padlock, will ensure that nothing larger than a straw would get inserted into her until the key to the lock is handed over from father to son as his birthday present. Until then, the lock will swing between her legs, tugging gently at her sex to remind her that it no longer belongs to her. Finally, she would be properly trained in the arts of pleasing her new master by other means, mainly by the use of her fingers or mouth. 

For Carly, her future seemed a lot easier and less painful than that of Arianne, who she could hear sobbing into her head next to her. Then came the revelation that her intended new master was only just turned 14. The shock realisation that she was condemned to at least four years of slavery and abstenance, the sex toy of a child was enough to get her own tears flowing.
The morning after.
"What the hell was in those drinks?"

That was the big question all three of them had as they slowly came to terms with their situation. The last thing any of the three friends remember was being offered drinks by their wealthy host at the party he was hosting, at his country house the night before.

Little did they know that their host, as well as being a well known and respected businessman, had a little sideline acquiring girls for wealthy overseas gentlemen. The three were also unaware that every one of the other male guests (with female escorts or their own slaves) at the party were potential buyers for his latest aquisition, the three young girls.

As they slept soundly under the influence of the drugged drinks they had been plied with, others submitted secret bids for their purchase. In the meantime, all three were fitted with confining straitjackets, intended to hold them until the final destination for each girl was decided. The chains connecting each at the neck will ensure that any attempt at escape would prove unlikely to succeed. Although they don't yet know it, the future of these girls had already been decided by others.

They are about to find that out, as the door opens.
Nil By Mouth
She thought that being allowed to go to a fetish party on her own, without her Master would be a real treat. What she didn't count on was accruing a number of misdemeanors during the week before. Rather than simply cancel her attendance, he came up with a different kind of punishment that would cause her to suffer throughout the night, without penalising her friends who were looking forward to seeing her. 

He decided that a suitable punishment would be to deny her the ability to partake in any of the merriment that normally comes with that type of party. She would still be able to talk to her friends, but she would be denied the opportunity to eat, drink or smoke, all the things that her friends love to do at parties.

To make sure she sticks to this rule, as well as locking her wrists to a steel waist band, he has made sure that she can't be helped by her friends by enclosing her head with a fine mesh, secured to the inside of her locked collar. It doesn't interfere with communication, but nothing can pass her lips.

She has to be super careful not to rip it, because at the end of the night, if there is any damage to the head cover, she will spend the next few days gagged and on a liquid shakes diet, drunk through a straw.
Assume the submissive position.
She is being trained to be a good submissive. The collar holds her head high but she keeps her head low, aided by the heavy chains to reinforce her lesson. She has to get used to having her mouth stuffed with a huge ball. He has been kind in putting it on a steel bar that doesn't cut into her lips. It hasn't occured to her that it allows him to keep her gagged for longer.


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